Dippy egg is an illustration, design & photography studio in Cardiff run by me, Lucy Daniels.
Having spent a considerable proportion of my childhood lying belly down on the lounge floor drawing with my Dad, I soon developed an ability to lose hours on end with a sketch book and pencil.

Once I reached high school, photography seemed like a natural progression from the image making I was fast realising was going to be a huge part of my life. My parents bought me my first SLR film camera when I was in school and after dusting off my Grandfather’s old lenses and lamps, and armed with a roll of black & white film, I was hooked.

I took a course in developing & printing black & white photography, and was an instant addict to the magic of watching my image appear in front of my eyes. The smell of the developing chemicals still makes my heart skip a beat.


I somewhat reluctantly moved on to a digital SLR, having learned all I know, thanks to my Dad, from the ground up with my manual camera, and the results I started getting from a sophisticated Nikon, surprisingly, had the same effect on me as my first, beloved but undeniably slightly clunky Practica...!

A few camera upgrades & a lot more learning & practice later, I now go nowhere without my camera and thanks to the patient, gentle teachings of my Dad all those years ago, am able to turn something I love into a huge part of my job. 
...I use the word 'job' in the loosest possible sense of the word - I don't feel like I've really 'worked' since taking Dippy egg full time - Apart from when it's that dreaded tax return time perhaps!

Lucy Daniels


I never travel light!